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OGA Artifact PIT by AMD & Sapphire

OGA Artifact PIT by AMD and Sapphire

One Game Agency is proud to announce OGA Artifact PIT by AMD and Sapphire, our first ever digital collectible card game tournament.

OGA Artifact PIT by AMD and Sapphire will feature 32 of the best Artifact players split into eight groups and fighting for a prize pool of $10,000. The tournament will last from January 21st to January 26th.

The group stage matches will yield 16 players that will advance to single-elimination round, played in best-of-three, followed by quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finals.

Prize pool distribution:

1st 4500 USD
2nd 2500 USD
3rd 1800 USD
4th 1200 USD

The following players will be participating in the tournament:

  • Hyped – Team Liquid   
  • Petrify – compLexity Gaming
  • Lifecoach
  • heffaklumpen
  • Hoej  
  • Melo
  • StanCifka – Omnislash  
  • Naiman
  • Freddybabes – compLexity Gaming
  • swim – Evil Geniuses  
  • GameKing – Pittsburgh Knights  
  • Ekop – Demise  
  • dpmlicious
  • HotMEOWTH  
  • Wifecoach
  • Pavel_HS
  • Kozmic
  • PMayne
  • Feno
  • Gaara
  • superjj
  • ImpetuousPanda
  • LukasBlohon
  • XiXo – SKTelekom
  • StrifeCro  
  • Tomas
  • Mryagut
  • DouDou
  • JasonZhou
  • LuminousInverse
  • MieGod

OGA Artifact PIT is brought to you by AMD and Sapphire Technology, with support from our generous sponsors:



Fractal Design



Red Bull



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One Game Agency is a new Technology Company that specializes in organizing and hosting esports events. The founders and employees of the agency consist of eSports, gaming and technology experts. Located in Split, Croatia, the European Union, for the past two years we have launched a variety of esports projects such as Dota PIT and Counter PIT. Furthermore, we are continually working on exciting new projects that focus on esports events and social marketing campaigns oriented towards fans of esports and gaming.